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2nd Kurdistan Universities Fairs- Oct., 2018

About SLC      

Scientific Level Company SLC for educational services has been established in 2013 in Erbil-Kurdistan (Head office) and with SLC branch in Duhok. SLC Agency has been qualified for formal recognition as an ICEF Agency (2018-2019, 4196) and as a trained Agent by Cambridge English Language Assessment.

SLC agency offers students whom wish to complete their studies inside and abroad in institutions in Kurdistan Region of Iraq to study at Universities or institutions, for; language courses, undergraduates, postgraduates, and work and study programs. Our staff includes superior academic con

sultants, with years of experience in the field. The consultants offer and provide academic consultancy and services in three languages: Kurdish, Arabic and English. Our goal is to provide most reliable and accurate information for our clients. We serve and help students through introducing national and international universities to our clients and through their application process. SLC team is looking forward to seeing clients in head offices and branch office.

Why Kurdistan University Fair is important?

On the road to recruiting your next class of students, various operational strategies are conducted. Kurdistan University Fairs (KUF) is one of the most important strategic ways to show students, parents, and professionals to the choices available. KUF of SLC provides excellent opportunities to universities and institutes of home countries to recruit students for their courses by offering face-to-face interactions with hundreds of aspiring students, parents, and other visitors. Therefore, our mission and role are to elevate, educate and empower you, the professional, we see KUF when you cannot just deal or meet new students, but also obtain a bit of professional development for yourself.

The Fair will have other advantages

  • Several hundreds of visitors will be in attendance
  • Families, Professionals, and students are educating themselves about choices of universities and admission process.
  • KUF of SLC helps families, professionals, and students find university or institutes that are the best fit for them.


Kurdistan University Fairs 2018


The KUF 2018, for universities Education home country, Students’ Services and Short Course centers.

                                                                                                                                               Pictures of last fairs

Dates and Events

Kurdistan Universities  Fairs, Sulaymani

13th  Oct., 2018

Kurdistan Universities  Fairs, Erbil

15th  Oct., 2018

Kurdistan Universities  Fairs, Duhok

17th Oct., 2018


  • Titanic hotel 5 stars- Sulaymani,

Address: 60 street, near Cavi land

  • Erbil International Hotel 5 stars- Erbil

Address: Barzani Namir, Near City Center

  • Rixos hotel 5 stars-Duhok

Address: Barzani Street


Subjects Covered:

  • State and private higher education institutions or Universities
  • Colleges
  • Institutions
  • Training centers
  • Language schools and courses
  • Services for students and educational institutions
  • Education Sector in Iraqi Kurdistan
  • Kurdistan Region Higher Education System – currently studying more than 60,000 students
  • Kurdistan Region Secondary Education System – currently studying more than 80,000 students, every year we have more than 70, 000 entrants in national exams

State Universities

  • Private Authorized Universities
  • The three-level system of higher education:
  • First Level – Bachelor’s Degree
  • Second Level – Master’s Degree
  • Third Level – PhD

It is estimated that more than 17% of secondary education students, undergraduate, and graduate students in Kurdistan Region of Iraq are currently looking for overseas education opportunities.

More than 80% of secondary education students, undergraduate, and graduate students in Kurdistan Region of Iraq are currently looking for studying at university opportunities in home country.

Educator Participants’ Profile:

  • Public and private higher educations- universities, institutes and colleges
  • Professional studies
  • Language schools and centers
  • Students’ Services
  • Sponsor agents

Visitors’ Profile:

  • High school students/ entrants
  • Graduates/ entrants
  • Training courses students
  • Parents
  • School Teachers/lectures
  • University teachers/lectures
  • Education Fair 2018 will be a meeting place for entrants, high schools and parents to understand and choose their demanding university courses.
  • Education Fair 2018 is an event that serves the entire education industry by providing a quality event environment and on-site features that are valuable and informative for both educators and visitors.

Public Relations & Marketing Campaign of SLC

Education Fair has become a well-known and respected brand with rapidly growing success and quantity of visitors in the world, Middle East in particular.

Public Relations & Marketing Campaign of the event unites all recourses of communication for reaching the maximum effectiveness to generate flow of as many interested people as possible. The strategic advertising will be in Kurdish and Arabic languages and includes:

  • Extensive TV, Radio and Print Media Advertising
  • Pages of company’s Facebook, Instgram,
  • Extensive web based advertising
  • Thoroughly planned social media advertising
  • Direct marketing
  • Presentations flyers in almost Erbil, Sulaimani, Duhok, Halabja, Akre, Garmian, Zakho towns and cities through magazines and weekend newspapers such as Al Waseet newspaper.

Public Relations of the event through our partner educational organizations these well tested marketing tools and the popularity of the event itself guarantees the success and the highest attendance of the exhibition.

1st International Education Fairs 2017 in Iraqi Kurdistan (IEFK)

Sulaimani, Erbil and Duhok

Date 14th-15th of July in Sulaimaniya, 16 -17th in Erbil, 19th in Duhok, 2017
Venue Sulaymaniyah- Titanic Hotel/  Erbil-Dedeman Hotel/ Duhok-Jian Hotel
Number of educators’ Participants More than 23 educators from 7 countries including Jordan, Armenia, Turkey, Northern Cyprus, Poland, Iran and Kurdistan Region of Iraq.
Number of Visitors More than 7000 visited the fairs.
Collected emails and number phones of visitors More than 6000 emails and 6500 phone numbers.
Organized by Scientific Level Company SLC for Educational Services


1st Kurdistan Universities Fairs-July 2018 (1st KUF)

Sulaimani, Erbil and Duhok



1st KUF 2018 of SLC

Date    22nd of July in Sulaimaniya, 24th in Erbil, 26th in Duhok, 2018
Venue Sulaimaiya- Taitanic Hotel/  Erbil-Dedeman Hotel/ Duhok-Rixos Hotel
Number of Visitors More than 7800 visited the fairs.
Organized by Scientific Level Company SLC for educational Services