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Greece is one of the cheapest countries in Europe for foreigners, for both tourists and international students alike. On average, you would need around 450-700 EUR/month for all expenditures, including the accommodation, which is reasonable, compared to other European destinations (Spain, Germany, or Italy) where average monthly living costs are between 800 and 1,000 EUR.

Rent for an apartment in the city centre is just around 240 – 450 EUR/month, and you can find cheap street food for 5 EUR.

While Athens and Thessaloniki are the major student cities in Greece, you can enjoy and visit outstanding attractions in every corner of this country. Whether cultural sites or places where you can simply relax, Greece will pleasantly surprise you.

Whenever you travel to a foreign country, it is a waste not to try its local flavours. Tsatsiki, feta, olives, gyros are famous Greek specialties, as well as tsipuro, metaxa, retsina, and ouzo. Greeks have long life spans as an average which is partly attributed to their diet so try it! The food is not only healthy but delicious!

If you’re attracted to the idea of studying in Greece, you’d probably like to know which are some of the best institutions that provide quality education. According to top 1000 made by The Times Higher Education World Rankings and QS World University Rankings in 2017 of the world’s best educational institutions.