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International University of logistics and transportation wroclaw

IULT is one of the two oldest logistics Universities in Poland, founded in 2001. Since the beginning of its activity, the University has maintained high quality of education, continuously meeting European standards and staying in line with market demand.

The process of education at IULT University is conducted in five main areas: BSc and MSc Logistics, Engineering Logistics, Civil Engineering (Building) and Management. The BSc and MSc in Logistics is offered also entirely in English. Recently, there are 1200 students being educated at IULT .

The University has just started the 15th year of its operations. It has been the time of experiences in integrating academic community, building the position of the University and developing scientific research. The International University of Logistics and Transport in Wroclaw, created in cooperation with the French group ESIDEC in Metz, has been developing its didactic and scientific potential basing on world’s best standards and innovative programmes. Thanks to that our students have the access to up-to-date knowledge and cutting-edge technologies. As a result, after completing their university courses, our students become competent and respected specialists, requested by the labour market. One of crucial elements of education, taken into consideration by the labour market, is the cooperation with leading European, national and regional companies from transport-logistics-forwarding sector. It has been the invaluable source of practical skills which are acquired by our students right from the first year of their education.

Studies at IULT in Wrocław are not only about learning. The University takes up numerous activities that aim at integrating academic community. It facilitates mutual exchange of ideas and experiences as well as creates ground for personal development. Thanks to that a lot of people trust us.