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It is a big step to study in Sweden. So what makes Sweden stand out as a study destination? What makes it so different from other countries that you could go to? Why would you want to go there as opposed to other countries? Let’s take a look at some of the most popular reasons for people to study in Sweden.

If you want your opinions to be heard, you like taking initiative and a little snow doesn’t scare you off, then the go-to country for your studies must be Sweden.

To get a better picture about what’s like studying in Sweden, you need to know that the education here is more about self-development through student groups and independent studies, than about listening to the typical teacher lecture. Let’s try and see the details behind this big picture.



Why study in Sweden?

Sweden will inspire you with about 1000 programmes taught in English, at over 35 universities, where creativity and independent thinking always come first.

Students who choose Sweden are attracted by the open-minded attitude Swedes have, their great English skills, but also by the eco-friendly and high standards of living. Add to that the fact that academic culture here dates back 500 years and the great social equality of it all, and it’s hard not to put Sweden on your studies map.

What to study in Sweden?

Swedes are great with cars, great with IT, and great with the environment. So, it’s not hard to guess which are some of the most popular study areas in Sweden. These are:

  • Study Computer Science in Sweden;
  • Study Engineering in Sweden;
  • Study Arts in Sweden;
  • Study Environmental Studies in Sweden;
  • Study Cultural Studies in Sweden.

Major cities in Sweden

Sweden is a great place to live and study. From buzzing larger cities like Stockholm, Gothenburg or Malmö, to cozy university towns like Uppsala and Lund, there’s a place for every taste in Sweden.

Whether you end up close to the Arctic Circle in Luleå or bumping shoulders with continental Europe in Malmö, you’ll find accessible towns with extensive public transport and bustling student scenes. So, check and pick one of the Swedish cities below, like:

  • Study in Stockholm,
  • Study in Göteborg,
  • Study in Lund,
  • Study in Linköping,
  • Study in Uppsala.

Which universities to attend in Sweden?

Sweden is home to over 35 universities and university colleges, and they all offer degree programmes according to European standards. That’s why five of them almost always come up in the global higher education rankings.

So, start your search for your dream Swedish university with:

  • Uppsala University,
  • KTH Royal Institute of Technology,
  • University of Gothenburg, Faculty of Science,
  • Chalmers University of Technology,
  • Linköping University.

Practical Information

How to apply to universities in Sweden

In Sweden, applications for Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes are processed through Scientific Level Company in Erbil Iraq. Still, you can also apply directly through the university and program websites. The general application documents required are:

  • Identification document;
  • Record of completed upper secondary education (translated into English);
  • University records (translated into English);
  • Proof of language proficiency.

Additionally, most universities also tend to ask for:

  • Motivation letter;
  • CV;
  • Sample of academic writing;
  • Recommendation letters from professors and employers.



English-language tests

English is a must-have in Sweden, seeing how many Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes are taught in this language. Swedish universities accept as proof of your language skills:

  • High school studies taught in English/Swedish;
  • Previous university studies taught in English /Swedish;
  • English-language certificates: TOEFL, IELTS, Pearson PTE Academic, or Cambridge English Language Assessment.