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Traditional Medicine University of Armenia

Yerevan University of Traditional Medicine (UMT) is a private university in Yerevan, Armenia, established in the year 1991. The university currently offers Master degree programs, Bachelor degree programs, specialist courses and training programs. UMT aims at producing medical doctors specialized in the field of medicine, who would employ the modern clinical methods of diagnosis and treatment in conjunction with the traditional methods of medicine. Graduates of this university are awarded a diploma, which enables them to work in any State or private clinic as well as work in any scientific institution. The University of Traditional Medicine received full accreditation in the year 2001.
The university, which is one of the higher educational institutions, was awarded the highest status – “The State Accreditation” from the Government for its high image in scientific, pedagogical and educational activities. The graduates get State Diploma. The University’s educational activity aims at preparation of such new qualified specialists who will develop the 21st century medicine by integration. This process doesn’t have its precedent in the region. The graduates of the university pass serious exams not only in the health system of our Republic but also in that of foreign countries. In the University of Traditional Medicine medical higher educational and medical secondary educational programs are held, which are provided by RA educational law from which higher educational programs are implemented by the main and additional educational programs. The University have been admitted the foreign students Such us Iraq, North of Iraq (Kurdistan Region of Iraq), Iran, Turkey, EU and India and etc. the medium taught language is English for foreign students at the university. Since 2016, a number of Kurdish, Iranian and Indian students have been studying at the university.

1. The two-level educational programs
-Bachelor’s Degree
• General Medicine Department- The State Accreditation N127. Duration of the study – 6 years
• Dentistry Department – The State Accreditation N128. Duration of the study – 5 years

-Master’s degree
• General Medicine
• Dentistry

2. Additional two-level educational programs
– training
– Specialist training

3. Preparatory Faculty
• If it is necessary, students study 8 months. After finishing the course the listener enters the University without competition.
Graduates of the University are skilled in methods of diagnostics and medical treatment both modern and traditional.

Internship. Graduates continue their education in internship (duration: 1 year).

Clinical internship. Graduates of both University and internship may enter clinical internship (duration is from 1 to 4 years, depending on the profession chosen).

Access courses. Access courses for eight-month function in the University; graduates of which enter the University without competition.

Educational Projects
The University of Traditional Medicine carries out the educational program overseen by the law of Education of RA by making highly educated medical specialists. According to the features and adopted order of the University the following educational way is accepted: the standard period for the specialty “General Medicine (Doctors)” is 6 years; and that of the specialty of “Dentistry” is 5 years.
A number of new medical subjects are included in the principal educational programs and curricula of the University. These subjects are taught neither in corresponding department of state nor in non-state Higher Educational Institutions.
Over one and a half decades the university gives specialists in medicine who pass serious exams not only in health system of our Republic but also in that of foreign countries.
The graduates of the university continue post diploma education, clinical residency at National Institute of the Ministry of Health RA as well as at foreign clinical residencies, post-graduate studies. Up to this date the university had 525 graduates.
Overwhelming majority of graduates successfully continue their career as practical medical doctors, scientific researchers, lecturers not only at leading clinics and medical departments of the Republic (“Scientific-Medical Education Centre” of the University of Traditional Medicine, department of “Traditional Medicine” at National Institute of the Ministry of Health RA, “Mother and Child” healthcare centre, “Surb Grigor Lusavorich” medical centre, “Erebuni” Medical Centre, “Nork-Marash” Medical Centre, “Surgical Centre after Mikayelyan” and etc”) but also in foreign countries (Moscow Kremlin Central Hospital, N51 Clinical Hospital of Moscow, “Cardiovascular Surgery Scientific Centre after Bakulev in Moscow, “Surgical Department” of St. Petersburg State Medical University after I. Pavlov, “Medical Academy” after Sechenov in Moscow and etc.)