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High school

Studying in high schools in the United States, due to the high quality of these schools, is attended by many international students, and thousands of students from all over the world come to these schools every year. Immigration and study at high schools in the United States give students the opportunity to adapt themselves better to the environment and traditions of the American community and significantly increase their English skills.
Course tuition: $ 25 to $ 30,000 for one academic year

Cost of accommodation or accommodation with food: $ 20,000 per year
Course duration: 4 years
It should be noted that students can enter the course at any grade from high school.
How to stay:

  • Living in a dormitory: Living in student dormitories is actually in the school environment, and students live and dwell in accordance with the rules and regulations of the dormitory.
  • Living With American-approved School Families: Living with a Host Family is one of the most commonly used ways to reside for students and students in the United States. This style of residence helps students to better understand American culture and lessen the emotional shortage of family absenteeism.


Students in the United States can pursue their undergraduate studies in two different ways. They can enter the university directly after graduation and receive a bachelor’s degree after four years, or enter local colleges in their own city, after spending 60 lessons lasting about two years. While taking a college degree at one of their desired universities and completing the last two years of undergraduate studies. It should be noted that a bachelor’s degree will be issued from the University of Target, and all units passed to college will be transferred to college.

Most immigrants and indigenous people choose the second method, the way to enter college through college, because it is cheaper and having the opportunity to change the field of study if needed.

Also, most large universities offer more capacity for students in this period than volunteers who enter directly.



Students studying in a masters degree in the United States are highly regarded by international students.

Students can choose their preferred location from private or semi-private universities and state universities depending on their field of study.

At this point, students find many opportunities to engage in academic subjects in which their professors work, and in some disciplines they can even earn salaries because of their research activity (RA Position or Research Assistant ) This course even provides good opportunities for students interested in teaching, and in some universities, students are also taught for lower levels (TA Position). Graduates of this course either continue their Ph.D. studies or are attracted to the vast workforce market in the United States.

Average tuition per semester is between $ 7,500 and $ 14,000 a year.

Scholarship and scholarship: The possibility of full-time scholarships for undergraduate students is lower than for other levels, even for Ph.D. levels, but students with TA or RA employment can cover a large portion of their expenses.


After completing a Master’s course, applicants for Ph.D. studies will receive a Ph.D. in their field of study within a three to the four-year course and carry out research activities.
The United States has the best universities in the world to continue to study for the doctoral degree, in terms of scientific and research facilities. American universities are pursuing PhDs every year. The number of students enrolled in each university depends on the university budget and then to the master. Due to the fact that the doctoral degree is based on research and research activities, the professors are admitting students in specific and limited fields. Therefore, the academic background and the subjects that the applicant has studied are carefully considered.

Granting a Ph.D. in a discipline to a person means that the person has achieved sufficient mastery in the research. The doctoral dissertation reflects the proficiency of the author in his or her field of study and his skill in conducting teamwork and independent research activities, as well as providing research to scientific assemblies.
A total of doctoral degrees represent the ability of a person to reason and analyze the relevant discipline. A person who holds a Ph.D. degree must be able to create a job market for himself and his team using his or her abilities.
Given the fact that receiving a Ph.D. degree is very difficult and requires a lot of effort and that the subject of research in the United States is of particular importance, if a doctorate is accepted from a university, the probability of obtaining a visa from the embassy for this period is less than Other sections increase.
At the Ph.D. level, universities pay scholarships to students to cover their education and housing costs.
The choice of university and college should be done carefully. Many doctoral student cases are denied by the faculty of science due to inappropriate selection of their place of study.
The most important form of admission to the Ph.D. in the United States is to admit students to international scholarships, especially for those with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree from non-American universities. Of course, due to the limited acceptance and high demand, admission to the doctoral program is more difficult.
An applicant with a Bachelor’s Degree with a four-year study period and an average of more than fifteen years, as well as a Master’s degree with a two-year degree and a higher grade than the graduate, is required for admission to a Ph.D. The applicant must also receive at least three letters of recommendation from his former stadium. Other academic degrees required for admission to a Ph.D. degree are:
Statement of purpose commensurate with the field of study
IELTS English Language Certificate with a score of at least six and a half, or a TOEFL with a minimum score of six hundred in PBT and two hundred and fifty in CBT and one in IBT.
GRE with a score of over fifty for Verbal and One hundred and Sixty for Quantitative and four for Writing
GMAT Degree In Management, Accounting, Commercial, and Financial Affairs.

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